Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Future Of The Food Fest

Well we have tried very hard and begged various people but due to the Councils new markets licencing policy enforced by Bury Markets decided on last April we are only permitted to run one market in Bury a year, (we had already booked the markets before April so we were able to bring you the three last year.)

So as we are only allowed to run one event in Bury in 2013 we are trying to organise a Christmas special Prestwich Food Fest at the start of December.

We really enjoyed running the Prestwich Food Fest and finding and supporting all of the local and independent businesses. It was lovely so many people supported us (we had 1500 to over 2000 people at every market) and were really starting to build ourselves, so the licencing decision has been very disappointing. We hope that the artisan market and who ever wins the tender for this will continue to support the great local businesses in and around Prestwich.

We hope to see you at our Christmas Prestwich Food Fest and stay tuned to our Crown and Country Blog for news on our new venture launching very soon.

Thank you.
Susan & Charlotte
Crown & Country

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